About Us

In 1994, a group of local business leaders came together faced with a common, concerning problem: the need for affordable healthcare coverage for small- and medium-sized employers. These businesses realized that as single employers they had no protection from rising rates, no negotiating power and no
one to listen. However, when they joined together as a group they had strength in numbers.

Thanks to the support of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, ECHI was formed. This powerful alliance had the ear of local health insurance providers and understood the concerns of many local business leaders. As a result, new relationships were formed with insurance companies, benefits providers and local insurance brokers, enabling ECHI members to receive benefits equivalent to those of larger employers.

Today, ECHI has nearly 200 members with over 3,000 lives covered through its health insurance contracts. Plus, organizational benefits have been expanded to include valuable services such as discounted employee benefits and an online healthcare information center.